Consult the best orthopedic doctor in Shahdara

Complete personalized orthopedic solution under one roof

Medis Healthcare is a leading hospital that provides the best orthopedic doctor in Shahdara. At Medis healthcare, we offer world-class orthopedic services and comprehensive ortho specialist.

We provide specialized care related to any orthopedic issue. The Department of Orthopedics at Medis Healthcare provides personalized care using the latest research and result-based medicine. We have the best orthopedic doctor in Shahdara who provides treatment and medication related to disorders of bone, joint, and various types of repetitive motion injury. Orthopedic doctors or orthopedic surgeons at Medis Healthcare focus on caring for your joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerves.


When should you see an orthopedic doctor?

Usually, muscles and joint pain are short-term and go on their own if it is due to an injury. However, if your pain doesn't last for 3 to 5 days, then you must consult an orthopedic doctor. Consult the best orthopedic doctor if:

You are finding it difficult to move or have pain in your movement

You are unsteady when you stand or walk

You have difficulty performing daily activities such as walking

Severe pain that does not diminish with home remedies

Most Advanced bone specialist doctor in Shahdara

At Medis healthcare, we bring together an exceptionally talented team of arthritis specialist, physical therapists, and nurses who take a whole-body approach to the treatment of orthopedic conditions. We provide personalized, all-inclusive care for a broad range of orthopedic conditions across spine, foot and ankle, arm and hand, shoulder, and sports medicine.

We have the best orthopaedic doctors in Shahdara who offers comprehensive bone and joint care. We handle fundamental orthopaedic problems such as arthritis, Ligament Injuries to the Knee, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, etc.